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Benefits of Ipe Wood Decking

Among the major and best wood decking options that one need to consider is hardwood decking. Their increased durability translates to them being chosen over their softwood counterparts especially when it comes to decking and siding. There is much difficulty when choosing the best hardwood decking due to their increased options availability. Among them is ipe wood which is highly popular when it comes to wood decking. Since it brings about many benefits, this has resulted to many people shifting to it. Choosing ipe wood for one’s real wood decking is the best options due to some reasons such as.

Ipe wood decking is highly used due to its high durability. Janka hardness scale is one of the testing method used for testing ipe wood hardness. The main aim for this test is to measure the wood ability in resisting certain things such as pitting or denting. Ipe wood has the highest ratings on its overall pounds of pressure it can withstand. It therefore means that ipe wood is very resistant and extremely durable with minimal damage. Pie wood can therefore last for many years which is an added advantage. Having a long life span is the desire with everyone especially from their decking which ipe wood is in a good position to offer.

There is low maintenance when it comes to ipe wood decking. Same to other hardwoods, it also offers reduced maintenance Staining is its largest maintenance for keeping the hardwood original color. There is added protection with this staining that is important to offer the hardwood a vibrant and beautiful look. Cleaning is also another maintenance required for removing the accumulated debris in the surface. This lowers the high stress of maintaining the hardwood cleanliness which many people may not have enough time to devote to. One can have a proper and good hardwood decking at the end.

Ipe wood decking is also beneficial with its class A fire rating. Its of major concern that many people emphasize more on the flammability when it comes to real wood decking. Compared to the traditional era, many people viewed wood as highly flammable and very unsafe to use due to its high rate of quick burning. This has currently changed given that ipe wood decking has proven to be not just durable but also high ability to withstand denting and even extremely fire resistant. Ipe wood even has a class A fire rating meaning that it’s the highest that can be offered in a construction product. The fact that it has a smaller flame spread compared to other woods means that it’s less prone to catching fire easily. Ipe wood therefore meets the building code requirement. This benefits makes it to be the best.

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